Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We All Scream!

It has been unseasonably (and gloriously) hot here the past few days which has flung me into all things summer. And nothing says "summer days" better than ice cream. And what says "ice cream" better than vintage advertisements and retro ice cream trucks and parlours?
Ice Cream Ads
Isn't that Meadow Gold girl the sweetest? Her pigtails are to die for. And that cardigan! I bet Anthropologie has one for me. The Fudgi Frost ad is also darling with its happy family and "save bags for swell gifts". (aside: if you give me the bag, there darn well better be a fudgi frost in it or we're going to have words) Apparently my problem in the romance department has been that I don't make enough "seven-up floats". I think I'll set up a stand and see if these cuties find me. And, of course, Dairy Queen—I don't have to say anything about it because we all have fond memories. What's your favorite DQ treat?
Ice Cream
If I saw that pink ice cream truck cruising down my street I'd be the first kid to drop my jump rope, strap on my roller skates and set off. I'd definitely be ordering a Good Humour strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. The interior of this famous Carvel parlour is so fun! Love those pink chairs. I'm crazy about chalkboard paint and it's especially great in a restaurant with talented kids creating a handwritten menu! The Lick-ity Split reminds me of a booth at a fair. And the googly eyes on their cone mascot is hilarious. This little lady in her silky blue top is just about the cutest thing ever. Don't you feel like her name is Betsy? She's for sure got some ice cream tales to tell. And a cigarette to share. Finally, the Snow Cap stand looks straight out of a movie doesn't it? Super charming.
Ice Cream
Let's make our own ice cream parlour! Retro Milkshake Maker (01) // Wisconsin-made Hot Fudge topping (02) // Classic sundae glass (03) // lovely ice cream bowls (04) // charming ice cream cone apron (05) // my favorite! "yes pecan" obama limited edition ice cream (06) // because I prefer my ice cream in a mug: smarty polar bear in a bow tie cup (07) // heart-shaped float spoon (08)

Let's all pile into the station wagon and get some soft serve!

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  1. I didn't know about the "Yes, Pecan" ice cream flavor until this post! Great contribution to the blog-o-sphere once again, Sarah.