Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paper Cuts From Rob Ryan

I’ve never been much good with an x-acto knife. I don’t change the blade often enough and honestly don’t have the patience to make a really precise cut. Unlike Rob Ryan. His papercuts are amazing. Not only because of their intricacy and difficulty but because of their artistic value. His art would be enchanting as a drawing or painting, but as a papercut it’s on a whole other level of intrigue.
Paper Cut Outs from Rob Ryan
Paper Cut Outs from Rob Ryan
Can you imagine sitting at a desk cutting around leaves or letters or ruffles on a skirt? I guarantee you I’d get near the end, having spent days on a single papercut, and my hand would slip and cut the whole thing in half. Ok, I’m a little dramatic possibly, but it’s not completely out of the question! Looking at these gorgeous pieces of art does make me want to try though.

Again, thanks to design*sponge, we’re able to visit Rob in his shop and have a little peak into what inspires him. Which is apparently ladybird books and music.
Rob Ryan in the Studio
Look at all those tiny specs of paper on his desk. That’d drive me nuts! I bet he finds them in his hair and beard all the time. What a delightful way to make a living. Check out his shop, blog and the d*s feature and be inspired.

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  1. wow do i wish i had the patience to be able to do that. his designs are nothing short of magical. nice post!