Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Writing thank you notes (promptly) is such a discipline. I always have the best of intentions every time I receive a gift or have a particularly good conversation or dinner with friends, but more often than not the time passes and I don't send the little note I wanted to. It really is a shame. Who doesn't love a piece of mail that has absolutely nothing to do with your bank account? And wouldn't it be such fun to get one of these beauties? Let's try harder to thank those that deserve it shall we?
Thank You Notes
(top row: rifle design; bottom left: fine day press; bottom right: hello lucky)
Thank You Notes
(top left: paper source; top right: hello lucky; bottom left: oddball press; bottom right: igloo letterpress)

Leah Dietrich has decided to write a thank you note (nearly) every day to anything she's grateful to or for. Sometimes it's a stranger, sometimes a flower, sometimes an abstract idea. They are hilarious and fun and occasionally a little melancholy. Here are a few of my favorites:
thx thx thx
There are loads. Check them out on her site.
(I'm thankful for you)

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