Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Le Petit Bateau

My brother and his lovely wife honeymooned all over Europe— they took some amazing photographs, one of which was of a houseboat in Holland. I was really enchanted by it. It's such a charming and romantic idea: to live on a houseboat tied to the land but separate from it. I'm not sure how my stomach would do with all of that bobbing, but if my houseboat looked anything like the lovely Pia Jane Bijerk's, I'd definitely be willing to give it a try!
Pia Jane Bijerk Houseboat
Pia Jane Bijerk Houseboat
The lovely Ms. Pia Jane is a prop stylist, which explains the gorgeous photographs. She and her boyfriend moved from Paris to Amsterdam and are renting this space. The owner built pieces of furniture specifically for the boat (shelves, bedside tables, a computer desk) and was completely passionate about every detail. I love the bedroom with it's gauzy curtains and high windows. Can you imagine laying there in the early mornings listening to the rain hit the water or enjoying the ducks splashing around? I'm not sure I could do it long-term, but I think it'd be a charming vacation space.
Pia Jane Bijerk Houseboat
Love these shots Pia took of things floating by her window. That duck is hilarious! The only thing that floats by my window is dandelion fluff. Books are much more exciting!

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