Friday, May 7, 2010

Tiny Adults

Now, I love a pair of Osh Gosh B'Gosh baby overalls just as much as the next person, but there's something about miniature versions of clothes I would wear that really tug at my heart strings. Since it's Mother's Day this weekend (hi mom!) I thought it appropriate to talk about children, since you can't be a mom without them.
I found Smallable randomly and fell in love with their amazing catalog. The teeny models are so charming aren't they?
Children's campaign from Smallable
So much personality in such little packages!
Here are a handful of boys and girls items from their line. I can't get over the cardigan with the elbow patches for him and that amazing yellow striped shirt for her. Absolutely darling. And luckily the shop is from France so I have no idea how much anything costs—I can't be put-off by the potential $100 sandals.
Girls Clothes from Smallable
Boys clothes from Smallable
Since they are children and all, I thought it appropriate to take a peek at some of the toys this site offers. Some are vintage reproductions and some are gorgeous modern interpretations like that amazing doll house or the "gentlemen mobile".
Toys from Smallable
If you actually have children and want to get your hands on some sophisticated children's attire here in the States, J Crew opened their Crew Cuts for kids not too long ago. Look how fun...
JCrew Children's collection
What beautiful little faces! And I really do want that blue dress, yellow shoes combo...

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