Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Orange + Black

I found this amazingly sweet ampersand by artist Gemma Correll and simply had to share it with you.
Ampersand by Gemma Correll
Isn't it amazing? This thing has everything cute in the world: cats in birthday hats, houses with hearts, contented ice cream cones, yarn, cupcakes, rabbits napping with carrots... What's your favorite?
Since that isn't enough for a whole day's post, I thought we could talk about orange and black. Often the two colors together tend to look a little two Halloweeny for me, but apart they're modern and classic and loads of fun.
Gingham is super summery, and since it's finally getting warm here, it's a completely appropriate pattern to talk about. Look at all of these gorgeous black and white gingham goodies.
You would look so great in that floppy beach hat (01)— it's very Jackie O, don't you think? And for all of the male readers (or females with gorgeous, style-savvy men in their lives) you would be so dreamy in the button-down (02) or bow-tie (05). The belted, strapless dress (03) is so simple and elegant—you could wear it to a garden wedding or a picnic. I adore a fun umbrella (04) and this beauty, with it's ruffled trim would bring a smile to my face on the gloomiest of days. Finally, if you're just looking for a hint of gingham to jazz up your outfit, this heeled shoe (06) with it's sweet little bow or the flirty gingham flower (07) are the perfect accessories.
Now on to orange! Something about orange begs to be a fun polka dot or stripe, so that's what I've decided to focus on in this board.
The kitchen is a perfect place for a bit of orange. It's cheery and lively and in small doses, not at all obnoxious. I can just see you (at age 5, since it's pint-sized) in that ruffled apron (02) mixing batter in that vintage pyrex bowl (06), with the dotted cupcake liners (01) waiting to be filled. You're adorable! The grown-up you is lovely in this striped top (04), lounging on a linen couch with this striped pillow (05), under the striped pendant (02). Ok, it's a bit much all together, but as accents: glorious.

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  1. Oh Sarah! I want to comment on each and every singe amazing and lovely item you've put on these pages but I don't know that I even have enough words to properly convey how much I love it all and how wonderful it all is!! So perfect! I love it all and I will spend my days being entirely adoring, supportive, amazed by and jealous of the numerous talents and wonderfulness that makes you... you. Utterly and entirely and perfectly you! Love you my dear friend!