Monday, May 17, 2010

Modern Stitchery

I love embroidery. I love the hoops and the beautiful colored floss and the fact that you can embroider absolutely anything. I've seen a lot of embroidered baby clothes and pillows and lovely handkerchiefs, but when I came across these beauties I was so excited!
Embroidery by marysgrandaughter
These mixed media pieces are so charming and fun. I especially love the acrobats and the funny little badges. Isn't that little guy in the scarf and antlers sweet? What do you suppose he's up to?
Embroidery by Megan Whitmarsh
Megan Whitmarsh and her embroidered yetis, band members and darth vader (oh, and those french fries) are really amazing, don't you think? The colors are beautiful and the subject matter is really hilarious. She really does a nice job with her stitchery and composition—clearly a very talented artist!
Embroidered Portraits by Kornrumpf
Embroidered Portraits by Kornrumpf
Speaking of talented artists, can you believe these portraits by Daniel Kornrumpf? They're really breathtaking. I can't even imagine the patience it'd take to make them. And when you think about how small the portraits are and how tiny the stitches have to be it's even more amazing.
Embroidery by Ginger Anyhow
Embroidery by Ginger Anyhow
Finally, compared to the difficulty level of the previous three artist, these "texts" from artist Ginger Anyhow might not be quite as impressive. BUT. They are just as endearing—maybe even more so for me. I love little, emotional quips and these are just so great. Such a fun (and perhaps a little heartbreaking) way to exemplify our modern communication.

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