Friday, April 9, 2010

Ribbon Canisters

I have always loved vintage packaging. Something about a heavy script and the angles of a deco font are really interesting to me. You add in a fun graphic or an interestingly-shaped pop of color and I'm in love.
Typewriter ribbons used to come in these gorgeous canisters —why can't our silly printer inks be packaged in something similar? It'd definitely make me happier to purchase those ridiculously expensive boxes!
Typewriter Ribbon Tins
My favorite is the "Carter's Five O'Clock" canister. I love the marigold color and her lovely striped blouse and that she's putting on some powder (for, what I can only assume is in preparation for, after-work drinks). It's always fun for me to see modern trends depicted in historical design. It's a good reminder to look at all things in all eras for inspiration. Uppercaseyyc has a handful more canisters in his Flickr photostream (images from the top 3 rows are from his collection). I was also able to find canisters at the online auction site ruby lane (the bottom four images are from there) but I bet you could find some at your local antique store or ebay. Space to start a collection anyone?

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