Friday, April 23, 2010

Cardboard Cuteness

My uncle made me such a simple, beautiful little doll house for Christmas when I was 5 and I loved that thing! I remember moving the little people around (which was a mixture of huge Barbie dolls, my brothers GI Joes, She-Ra warriors and actual Little People), playing out the most mundane scenarios: breakfast at the kitchen table followed by washing the dishes, piano lessons, yard work... The doll house looked nothing like my actual house but it was close enough that my little imagination could only go as far as the end of the street.

I wonder what sorts of things I would've dreamed up if this were the house I was given?
Cardboard Castle
Cardboard Castle
Cardboard Castle
I can only imagine that there would've been less breakfast and more dragon taming and magic spells. Maybe one day I'll have the patience to create something like this and I can see what my grown-up imagination is made of. (image via Kris' Color Stripes)

While we're on the subject of cardboard amazingness, check out this furniture.
Cardboard Furniture
I'm particularly fond of the tables and Frank Gehry's side chair. Oh and that Marilyn look-a-like cabinet is so glamorous isn't it? Who knew cardboard could be so chic?

(01 + 02 + 03: David Graas) (04: Miss Julia) (05 + 06: 360see gallery) (07 + 08: Frank Gehry)


  1. For a second I thought THAT was the doll house you had when you were five.

  2. Wouldn't that have been fun? Nope, Uncle Marv made me a very simple house - nothing like this but very kind of him!