Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ms. Heather Chontos

As of late I've become increasingly interested in the occupation of "prop stylist". Once I become "interested" it's only a tip-toe away from becoming an obsession. So I've begun collecting portfolios and am pleased to share some images from a very talented stylist and artist: Heather Chontos.
Heather Chontons Styling
Heather Chontos styling
Heather Chontos for GQ
She plays particularly well with distressed objects and does a great job of layering patterns and textures. Don't you love that woman on the bench? What a fantastic mound of whipped cream hair! And that stunning peony wristband in the first image is the perfect magenta. Heather styled the final set of images for an editorial piece in GQ. Aren't they lovely? I am so happy to see the trend towards making men's fashion spreads more debonair and soft rather than jarring and uber-masculine.

Ms. Chontos is also a talented artist.
Art from Heather Chontos
Don't you love that you can look at the photographs of the shoots she's styled and look at these beautiful pieces of art and see the influence in both? She obviously possesses the ability to bridge many mediums and still maintain her own personal aesthetic sense. Not easily done my friends. And not often done with such elegance.

Visit her online portfolio, blog and feature on design*sponge.

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  1. Wow. She is brilliant. Her work, in all its variation, takes my breath away.