Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Better than the Basement

I need fresh air and birds chirping and sun on my shoulders. And working in a concrete basement with zero natural lighting and recycled air does not encourage a pleasant demeanor—especially when it's been so lovely outside! The change in weather has made me squirmy and I've been trying to work outdoors (or at least surrounded by windows) as much as possible. If I worked at the Selgas Cano Architecture office in Madrid I would never feel the itch to get outside. Can you imagine sitting down at your computer every day in this space? All the seasons would be gorgeous—soft snow falling, gorgeous fall foliage, thunderstorms! So amazing.
Selgas Cano Architecture Offices
Selgas Cano Architecture Offices
I love the bright yellow floor and the green wall. And the exposure is just enough to feel surrounded by nature without being super distracting.

Since you and I are probably not going to be lucky enough to work in this office, let's plan our own backyard offices. These are lovely aren't they?
Backyard Office Spaces
Backyard Office Spaces
(images from Dreamhouse; Chief Home Officer; Home and House Design; Office Pod; and Sunset) I love the idea of heading out to the backyard with a cup of coffee and a macaroon and cozying up to my laptop with the door open and the breeze circling. Girl's gotta dream right?

If you can't get out of the basement, bring a little outdoors in with these great office accessories.
Nature-Inspired Office Supplies
(01): Wood Grain Pencil Cup (02): Potted Green Pencils (03): Tree Silk Pillow (04): Floral File Folders (05): Leaf Mouse Pad (06): Happy Cloud Notepad (07): Sweet Little Miss Sunshine Mug (08): Floral Push Pins (09): Bird Eraser

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  1. omg, i have always secretly dreamed of turning a cute little shed into a cottage. my poor husband. now i'll be renovating our shed AND pulling the dining room furniture out to the trees beside it. it's just so pretty!

    beautiful blog you have!