Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Put a Bow on it

Bow ties are so fabulous! Sure they come in as many prints and fabrics and colors as regular neck ties, but they have so much more character. There's something so charming and elegant about them. Look at all of these gorgeous options from R. Hanauer. I'm particularly fond of the paisley and the lime stripes.
Bow ties from R. Hanauer
And these fruity options from Brooks Brothers are hilarious. The banana's my favorite.
Bow ties from Brooks Brothers
Here are some gorgeous bow ties in action on a few handsome gentlemen. I love how the bow tie can be modern and yet still wink at the past. Don't you totally dig the checked tie on the floral shirt?
Lovely bowtie fashion
The images are from (*) Once Wed (•) The Sartorialist (") Weardrobe and (@) Complex

While searching for bow ties I came across these sweet photographs of my friend Obama on the night of his inauguration. Aren't they so beautiful? That's my president...
My president in a bow tie
And because nobody likes a bow tie that takes itself too seriously, I thought I'd end with these hilarious dog images from Etsy. I especially love the ears on the first little guy and am totally enchanted by how proud the terrier looks. It's as if he knows he's suppose to act more dignified with his tie on.
Hilarious dogs in bowties

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