Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Close to a year ago I was introduced to Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon and it's intrigued me ever since. I have this strange obsession with Portland. I say strange because I've never visited nor do I really know anything about it. But as far as I'm concerned it's amazing and beautiful and a city I aspire to live in. Well, it's at least a city I aspire to visit. And in my dreams, I'm staying at this beautiful hotel.
Ace Hotel: Portland, OR
There's a photo booth in the lobby! And green stools! And beautiful tile and wood paneling and a huge community coffee table! What's more charming? Maybe the rooms? Yes...
Ace Hotel: Portland, OR
Of course all of the rooms have individual personality and charm—no generic, itchy floral bedspreads or particleboard tv cabinets or poor man's Monet paintings hanging crookedly over the beds. Just gorgeous wall decals and beautifully designed blankets and a heavenly amount of white. This particular Ace Hotel (there are four all over the country) takes pride in the fact that they've employed local artists to stock the renovated historic hotel with creative and unique pieces. Also, they've made it a point to use a respectable amount of recycled materials in their design. AND it's not crazy expensive to stay (rooms range from $95 to $250 a night).

The Official Manufacturing Company
is comprised of a few guys that separately worked for Wieden + Kennedy (stay tuned for more from them tomorrow) and Ace Hotel along with various freelance jobs. Their portfolio includes designs for Ace Hotel: stationery, a gift belt for "sleeping with us", camp badges and other great pieces. Isn't their logo great too? Check out the rest of their portfolio and blog.
Official Manufacturing Company: Portland, OR
If you're anywhere near an Ace Hotel, do yourself a favor and, at the very least, wander in and be inspired. If you're like me and nowhere near one, get your plane ticket asap.

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