Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Portland Designed

I was reading about the Ace Hotel and one of it's original creators, Alex Calderwood in an article in Hospitality Design magazine. In the article he's asked to name a "space he loves" and his answer was the Wieden + Kennedy Ad Agency in Portland. Since his Hotels are spaces I love, I assumed I'd also be inspired by his selection. Obviously.
Wieden and Kennedy Ad Agency: Portland, OR
The space itself is so perfectly Oregon to me— all wood and windows and open spaces. Who wouldn't love to work at an agency that offers a hammock overlooking forests and mountains? As absolutely glorious as the above pictures are, it's actually these two wall messages that I'm completely enamored with.
Wieden and Kennedy Ad Agency: Portland, OR
The top image is made completely out of pencils (those are the erasers you see) and the "Fail Harder" quote is clear thumbtacks. Genius, right? (PS: this agency is responsible for those hilarious Old Spice commercials ["did you know that I'm riding this horse backwards?"] as well as the crazy Target lady commercials from Christmas. Check out the site to see what else they've done.)

Another awesome Portland design workspace is the Parliament offices. They've completely transformed their office with custom "collab" tables and amazing firewood wall treatments. Not to mention their beautiful seating arrangements and art (check out that moustache!). See for yourself.
Parliament Design: Portland, OR
Check out their impressive portfolio too.

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