Friday, November 5, 2010


The idea of the pop-up shop is not a new one, but for some reason it's been a reoccurring theme in my online travels lately. In case you aren't really sure what they are I'll explain in very elementary terms: for a multitude of reasons established retailers decide to put up a (generally) small shop that will be up for one day to one year. Often they do this to test the market or introduce a new product or just to rejuvenate a brand. Whatever the reason they're usually quite interesting and fun little shops. I've put together a handful of images to show you. Pay attention to the materials used (almost entirely cardboard at Leelamae) or the space itself (a metal storage unit for the Puma shop). Very cool.
Pop Up Shop
Pop Up Shop
Read a better description of these shops here.
Images from: TreeHugger // Brooklyn the Borough // The Weekly Review // Ink + Spindle // Gradient // Cherry Flava

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