Friday, August 6, 2010


I've been in need of a new pair of glasses for about 8 years now. I know, it's a long time. I'm a contacts-wearer and haven't really wanted to spend the money. But now I have vision insurance so it seems a waste to not use it! That said, I went to the eye doctor yesterday (ps. I HATE that little puff of air! They've got to be able to figure out how to test what they're testing for without doing that. Someone get on it). I was sitting in the doctors chair performing all of these tests (trying to answer correctly) and then he pulled out this little booklet and I got super distracted. How did I never notice how lovely the color-blindness test circles are? I almost forgot to tell him the number I saw because I was thinking about how I could get some of these framed in my house. Do you think he'd sell me that little book?
Color Blindness Test
I found a really cute pair of glasses that I think I'll actually enjoy wearing (unlike the glasses of my youth. Sigh.). And I'm so excited to find a case to put them in.
Eyeglass Cases
Eyeglass Cases
I really like the one with the screen printed spectacles. And I think the little clutch in the shape of glasses is really clever, don't you? I'd never seen anything like that before! Pop over to Etsy to see even more great options.
Sources: peacock // puppies // violet flower // penguins // grey with applique // cars // road // screen printed eyeglasses

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