Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pretty, Pretty Pantries

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where everyone gathers to chat and drink coffee and eat delicious food (homemade or not). No matter where I've lived or who I happened to share the house with, the kitchen was always the choice location. My first apartment after college didn't even have a table in the kitchen, yet my roommate and I still spent countless hours sitting on the cupboards or leaning on the kitchen windowsill laughing and spending time together. One thing that kitchen did have (that may have been my favorite thing in that space) was an exposed pantry. It was nothing fancy, just a few shelves and a cabinet but I found it to be so charming. I've always been intrigued by pantries and beautiful and interesting kitchen storage. I love anything that displays everyday, useful things—especially well-designed food packaging or beautiful dishes. They add such life to the room. And it's revolving art that naturally changes with the seasons.
Kitchen pantries
Kitchen pantries
Kitchen pantries
Because my little house is so humid, any dry good that I open needs to immediately be put into tupperware or something similar. If I had lovely exposed cabinets or shelving, I may be tempted to put everything in gorgeous glass jars like some of the inspiration shots above. So many lovely ideas!

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