Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chic Horses

Today is my mother's birthday and in honor of her I thought I'd focus on one of her favorite things: horses. She's been obsessed with horses since the first time she saw them I think. Luckily, she's never been a theme decorator—because there is some atrocious horse decor out there. Believe me, I've looked at it. They are so majestic and beautiful I don't know where the translation is lost when it comes to creating housewares inspired by horses. Although I suppose any sort of toilet paper holder is going to be a little cheesy - even if it is inspired by a gorgeous animal. These rooms are far from cheesy.
Sources from top right and clockwise: La Dolce Vita // Marie Burgos // Marie Burgos // Terramia // Marie Burgos
If you're looking for a gift for a horse-lover or are one yourself, or are just in the mood for something equestrian, here's a little something:
Horse Pillow // gold horse sunglasses (see it? it's small but completely charming) // T-shirt // pink barrette // horse printed top // wallpaper

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