Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet Amy Chin

I love a perfectly curated room just as much as the next person but what I love most about Amy's prop styling is her ability to create spaces that look lived in. Her creations are approachable and comfortable and attainable while still being exciting and inspirational. Not an easy thing to do I can imagine, but she certainly makes it look so. Her palettes are stunning and the items she showcases are quite lovely. Of course when you have clients like Real Simple, West End and Anthropologie (to name a few) how could you not produce beautiful photographs? Certainly the brands give a strong base, but it's her knack for setting the picture that is truly admirable.
Amy Chin—Prop Stylist
Amy Chin—Prop Stylist
Amy is based in New York. View more of her work and learn a little about her by visiting her site.

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