Saturday, March 20, 2010

Products, Well-Designed

Now. I don't claim to be a chef but I do claim to be a designer and I'm definitely a sucker for good package design. And Jamie Oliver (or as I like to think of him: the Naked Chef) has himself some well-designed food products. I haven't seen them state-side, but if you've got some pounds lying around you'd be hard pressed to find something more lovely to spend them on.
Jamie Oliver food
If you want to see more of Jamie and his products, click here. Also, be sure to tune into his new show on ABC where he's going to attempt to turn around the poor eating habits of "the unhealthiest city in America" (Huntington, West Virginia). To see a little video where he quizzes children on fresh food identification, click here. "Egg salad" is hilarious and awful (although to be fair, eggplant isn't exactly recognizable once it's been cooked). I think the show will be worth the hour spent.

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